October 31, 2008

HappY HaLLoWeeN!

When I first got to schooL the kids couldn't wait to show me their bags full of costumes for Trick-or-Treating! They could not wait to go...they could hardly wait for their naps to be over...most of them couldn't sleep!Tina and Alex Before...

...and AFTER ha ha...love the face. She gets a little shy.

With Alex there is no holding back! Spiderman is the shiz.

Bryan loves "Harry Potter" and will write "HP" BRYAN on all of his papers...

...therefore he is "HP".

Jason and his little sister (mei mei) joined us in their devil and mini mouse wardrobe. Love.

Evan was so proud of his Pirate hat, Steven the beetle, and Michael aka Spiderman...yeah boyeeeeeee!

Fairy face Sophia...so cute.

ummmm Leah the lost Angel? with her upside down wings. She's a babe.

Mommy pics before we hit the road for some Trick-or-Treating! Yahooo!

We had a long walk around the neighborhood and are about to hit our last two spots. A church and a restaurant! Cha! The kids were getting tired, but so happy to be outside (it's always nice to be outside) and getting candy for FREE.99!

kids in their costumes and moms at hand made for a nice Trick-or-Treating adventure.

A little tuckered, but still happy to be out.

Singing "The Witches Brew" while waiting for our candy givers to come out and...give!

A little tribute to BoBo...the kid runnin excitedly to who knows where.

BoBo eyes Leah and...

...goes for it. Until I say, "Ahh BoBo No". Meanwhile Leah's calm nothing remains the same. She was so excited, but the pictures just don't capture her true expression moments before.

OH. okay.

Uhhhh one of the few pics of me...and the kids. I am dressed as an Angel! (Thanks Cindy)


Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

and and angel you are! :) Love the kids, I have some of Brilee that look like Leah, just not capturing the excitement. And I love love love you catching Bobo in the act, hilarious!

Heather Aleece said...

Ahhhh, I am so lucky to see one of YOU!! I was telling my cousin how cool Halloween is for kids, how they can barely contain the excitement, and what a different perspective it is when you are a kid.

I am glad you have them to love on you. Someone should - wish I could..

Brad & Lindsey: said...

how cute! thanks for sharing your Halloween on the blog. You have the best comments. It seems like you had a good Hallween.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

You are an angel!!! It was a perfect costume for you!!! That little Tina (i think that is her name) the first one posted with the little braids--looks a bit like you in the first picture--shes your gilr!! I LOVE these pictures and your sweet little babes!!!What a great hooliday whne it is celebrated with real innocence. I LOVE your comments too--they make me smile thinking of you saying them and it makes me want to hug you!

McOmberFam said...

I love the look on the kids' faces. hahaha Halloween is sooo fun! I'm glad you all had a blast!

Kathryn said...

SO cute! You are an angel! I miss you! Hope you are well. xoxo

Charie said...

So true perfect costume for you for sure. Our little Kathy angel. You look stunning as usual.

The pictures of the kids made me laugh...so much personality bursting out.

Kawehi said...

HAHA! I would laugh so hard to open the door and see a whole CLASS wanting me to give them candy! hahaha.. I lOVE the spiderman.. well, they're all adorable but his costume rocks!