November 30, 2008

Star Party 2008

"Want to camping?", they asked.
"It is mmmm... I don't know how say...He Wan SaN...3 tall mountain in Taiwan."
"Cool! Let's go!"
So you take a bus with a bunch of kids, parents, and their teachers just 3 hours north and hit 14.

He Huan ShAN

Shan (Mountain). Third tallest Mountain in Taiwan

Unload from the bus and walk to your campsite.

Ummm that's cool. What is that?

Yup it's a greenhouse type dealio. It's also where you'll be sleeping for the night.

Alrighty then...let's set up camp. cha

The Greenhouse in effect...

Camping is good in this hood...

Ms. Chen and her daughter Debby (my neighbors/Landlord). We're tight.

Our camping neighbors.

Star Party 2008

There were so many amazingly huge telescopes&things....people with their laptops and high tech stuff....

But honestly, the best view of the stars could be seen from this homemade telescope....from Lan Tan Elementary School. I lined up at least 3 times to see the stars from this one.

Lan Tan Elementary group

Star Party peeps waiting, hoping, wishing for their lucky number to be called out for an awesome prize....

This was my lucky number (san-jiu-qi). Not.

Ah well this girl was lucky in love...

okay I know the picture should be about the moment...and for me the moment was about...that ring. check out the ring...hilair. Although the night before there was another engagement and the dude set up a slide show showing them at the star party since 2005 and then there were fireworks! What the engagment! It was sweet enough to make one shed a tear or two.

Alas I was lucky to see such beauty...

November 15, 2008

Tag&Things by EiGht

I've been tagged by the sunshine maker...and so...I write...

8 Tv ShoWs...
*the audience is crazy, so are her prizes, and she always says the darndest things.

2. EXTREME MAKEOVER people/homes
*I love before and after things. Although these shows got a little too extreme more

* I like to see what people create...sometimes it's amazing....sometimes it's just crazy.

*Can we just say...awkward, but hilair.

*He is one of the only British dudes I find to be funny.

....and now for some OLd SchooL shows I loved (b/c I ran out of ones for now...I don't really watch tv at the moment)

*hilair family ties

*that feel good show

*uh...another feel good show.

My friends would make fun of me by making their teeth look like Laura's (a little bucky) and then say, "but pa...". They hated this show...but I didn't care b/c I liked Laura's adventurous character and her will to fight back the bullies mmmmhmmmmmmmm.

On the other hand I couldn't find a decent picture for ILC so LH made the cover.
8 FaVe RetAurants
shoot there are so many great places. These are off the top of my head, but these also hold many fond memories of peeps and the like...but actually the foods pretty divine too.

1. ROYAL INDIA in Sandy
*Love their mango Lassi. Love mango everything. Love the owners (I use to work there ha ha).

2. BOMBAY HOUSE (brother of Royal India)
*many celebrations of great times there.
*a fave: Chicken Tikka Masala medium hot

boneless chicken barbecued in tandoor oven, then cooked with bell pepper, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cream and spices

*Vermacelli rice noodle with charbroiled pork and egg roll
*or Curry with chicken or shrimp

*what can I say...Asia

5. BEITERMAN'S in NH...I think that's how you spell it.
*Freshly baked bread, toasted if you like, and all the best ingredients. I always love a good soup and sandwich. This is not an original... doesn't do justice, but kind of captures the...white deli paper it comes in...

6. THE COMMON MAN in Ashland, NH.
*The best rustic atmosphere and yummy cheese/cracker appetizers

7. A-PU
*Best Hot Pots in Chiayi (J-as in jeep. ia-say it like eye, yi-as in ee). Love hot pots. You can get different soup bases...I usually go for chicken. I've never had this one...but looks inviting.

8. L&L Hawiian BBQ
*gotta have that Polynesian style cookin
8 Things That HappeneD yesterday

1. I enjoyed the morning sun through my window
2. I ate breakfast with a friend
3. I rode in the hils with my scooter to catch the sun
4. There was a nice cool breeze
5. A nice old man helped us order lunch under the open hut atmosphere
6. Went to Jongpu Hot amazingly good time
7. Had a water pressure massage
8. Sat in a steam bath/sauna dealio and I could have stayed there forever b/c it
felt like all the pollution was being cleansed from my lungs!
8 things you Look ForWaRd To

1. Hugging my nieces and nephews and catching up when I return home

2. Hugging and catching up with the Socwell sistahs when I return home
Charie (L) was my trainer on the mish. We are bonded for life. She just moved back west and I can't wait to hang out with her awesome fam. Heather (R) the one who tagged me and whom I am also bonded for life!
3. Reuniting with old friends one on one or one huge partay
4. Going back to school for MSW
5. E-mails from I am a world away
6. Laughing!
7. More unity and love with bros and sistahs around the way
8. More understanding and confidence in the Lord and Father's Plan for me and for all
8 things on your WisH list

I wish I could krump's called krumping. It's an evolution from break dancing and it'll leave you without words...but on that note...I would like

1. To travel the world and see its many beautiful people and places

2. To understand Mandarin and sit in sacrament without an interpreter
3. To be an extra in a movie...hee hee...just to be in the background walking around or something...I have practiced this in many of my photos...I think I'll be pretty good at it by the time my chance comes around. Here is an example....
notice anything behind Wesley?

look again....
4. To love more constantly
5. To meet historical men and women who have inspired me through teachers, books I've read, and things I've seen.
6. To attend every important event in my loved ones lives
7. To meet all those whom I could call friend in this life
8. To be a neighbor with all of my friends! I would love it.
----------------------------------------------'s your Eight. Don't feel obligated. Just do it. I mean...tell all or do not have to add pics or adlib..most people just make a list...I just did it kk style.

2.Brittney M.
3.Sherri S.
4.Rachel M.