August 17, 2008

Room oN the 10th Floor

After you enter the building, take a ride up the elevator to the 10th floor (or if you're really ambitious take the stairs). Walk out the elevator and you'll see my door as you slightly hang a left.

View from my front door.

Take a step further in and you will get a wider view as you can see from this skewed sun faced shot.

Looking back to the front door. My kitchen. Everyone has propane gas stoves. Yes, I get to buy a little tank every time I need gas for my stove. So far I have only had to replace it...once. I don't cook often.

Across from the lovely kitchen is the ladies room. Rockin the plastic slippers are a must when walking upon this floor. You need them to wade through the puddle that merges next to the tub.

It took a few months before I actually put the shower curtain up. I used the same rod when I had nightwatch duty for those stinky pets (see DRAIN-O Works!). I had to defend myself it was very useful in the matter.

The Throne at it's Best.
Take a look to the (R) and you will see a yellow package with a napkin-like tissue in it. This is how T.P. is done. They do have rolls, but they're not as common. Don't you just LOVE the colors! Below the sink is a drain where I put my DRAIN-O to use. It also gets water broomed down it after every shower. Look for my trusty red broom on the (R). There's a small leak in the floor...I hope it holds up for at least one more year! cool eh.

The shelves...

This is my friend Mandy (interior designer). I asked her if she had any ideas of how I could rearrange to fit some chairs in (besides the ledge of my bed). Check out the picnic table cloth chillin in the background. mmmmhmmmm.

The only seating arrangement besides the floor. Here are Kelly Huang (L) and Kelly Tsai (R). If you look close, behind the girls, there is a pillow with a putrid green pillow case. Yup. When I first got here I couldn't resist getting the next best thing I could find...that was it.

.....And NOW....for some change.I moved the bed and got some chairs. The only original piece is the table. Underneath the table are some small bamboo stools (a common sight in homes). I made the green wall hanging which was inspired by a design from a cup and left over tissue paper from a lantern (which I converted into a light cover to tone down those darn florescent lights). I like it a lot.

My chairs face this lovely ensemble. Good times. OH the best thing is the water heater (silver dude on the L of the shelves) it is perfect to warm up your water for anything! I love it!

My Bed got a make over too. I love the cooler because it makes living up high in this sticky weather bareable. I was really hesitant to move my bed by the sliding doors, but got over it and am just consistent on the roach spray.

I thought I should you know...maybe get in a LIVING mag shot. Aside from it being a little dark and the tip of my desk chair it's not too... bad. Ha. p.s. where are the traps? Hint: there are 2

This is how I like it...organized with a little mixed genre of things like...a stove. A few who know me say I should consider the whole personal assistant thing... maybe when I go into business I'll let you know eh!

Looking straight ahead from the sliding glass doors. When people say BBQ...they're refering to that little metal pan I got goin on that ledge with a little charcoal brick to go with it.

Looking down from the 10th floor out into the plethora of buildings. Depsite the close proximity of everything my surroundings are...interesting and it's nice to see something different.

NO more coin op unless I need something dry in a hurry. I've only had to replace the gas tank (for bath/kitchen) once. I haven't needed warm water since... June. But by the end of September I will put it back to use. Look for more traps. Hint: there are 2

Looking Right

Looking Left

This is Ben. It's nice to see a little life amongst concrete surroundings.

Today Ben brought a Misses.

Lan Tan D.C.

Lan Tan Lake is just a walk down the street.

The Lake is our main water resource so you never see anyone on it or in least I haven't. These were taken in January so the water level has gone down a bit in these pics.

A little map of the lake and there is a little man_made hole behind it. Actually it's suppose to be a little cave, but it's cool. I just really liked the colors in the middle of nowhere!

Some mosaic murals, but you can't really tell. Oh well, check out the greens.

They just put in these new lights across the dam. The whole area around the lake has parks and foothills. I can't really describe the beauty and adventure that lies around the lake...a little Swiss Family Robinsonish.... The lake is also next to a University and it has some beautiful buildings as well!

A regular sight!

Heading home.

My buildings are on the left.

A little roadside breakfast place I pass on my way to the lake.

Hang a left before you pass this part of the street and you can find my building. However, you can see the corner store (L) that provides me with drinking water and on the other end (R) is a "Family Mart" convenient store that provides other...convenient things.

Pass 3 buildings that look just like this until you come to the 4th one on the left and you've got the right place. My place.

10F-11, NO. 183

DRAIN-O Works!

My Stinky Pets:
Larry and frickin Harry

Actually these are the disgusting creatures that freaked me out when I first moved in. I remember stepping into the bathroom and I saw one of these scurry across the floor. My first glance of it was from the corner of my eye and I thought it was a huge rat! But when I turned the light was No Rat. ughhh. They grow big in these parts. (Although I am rather glad it wasn't really a rat either).

This is the main reason I would not fall asleep until 3 or 4 in the morning when I first got here. I have lived with these things before in Hawaii, but it's been a long time since then and I didn't want to get used to them...again. Plus I had roomies and I didn't have to fight against them alone. Anywho...I would lay in my bed with the lights turned on, a stick in one hand, and RAID in the other.....just in case. I wasn't about to have these crawling on me in the middle of the night. After a while I got rather exhausted from the late nights and finally figured out a better approach. DRAIN-O down the pipes and in the sliding glass door, Roach TRAPS, and spraying RAID outside my doors every few days! As a result they have kept outside and died outside! Victory!