September 07, 2008

A Little RandoMnesS

Taipei Traffic

This golden buddah is only a 20 min scooter ride from's huge. Just below him there was a lot of movement and noise from Tai Chi peeps...when all of a sudden I looked over to see...

...this dude. Something I loved to do in high school during that new business class they were trying to implement.

I like contrast

My homeboy Steve-o (from work) got invited to our curch dance...ha ha...and he came. It was good times. The little dude is the bishops son, Hou Ray.

Debby. My landlord's daughter. She and her mom also came to our church dance. hee hee. I love how she can rock the knee high socks/sneakers (a common style among many of the females here).

Debby's mom and Wesley (2nd Counselor in Bishopric) live at the dance.

Traditional Market. Reading the paper until someone comes along to buy a

Black or white chicken...take your pick.

Ever heard of a....ChicKeN LumP? Seriously...chicken lump? It's called Chinglish. Hilair.

Here's what it looks like! They're tasty.

Fried Pork Fiber. A common condiment that you will find on almost anything. The missionaries call it...carpet meat because it kind of does look like carpet fibers? It's not...bad.

Some locals took me on a ride up this "famous" mountain (BTW everything is prefixed with the word FAMOUS) that lead to tea farms and other various things. There are 36 bends (and more) that are labeled. Well as we came around bend 24 there was nothing in sight...

but this! This PoweR CHaiR. I was dying. It was the most random thing to see amongst the many mountain bends!

Debby driving the car. My dad let us do this sometimes on our grandpas tractors or on the freeway. Kind of a scary thought.

A shortcut DOOR! who does that!? I thought it was cool.

I slept in this cafe. I went to visit a different part of Taiwan and it was my friend's friend...Let's just say cool place, but glad it was only one night.

I think this is hiliarious. Whenever the kids come out of the bathroom their pants get twisted every which way...I love big yellow underwear pulled up high...don't you! too cute.

When the school year ends seems like every school has a big graduation performance (Chinese and English Schools). This was for my bushiban kid's (Chinese school graduation). On the mic-the principle. Holding the cake-her mom. The cartoon characters-who knows. RaaaaaaaanDooooooM.

Some NOble Grad pics (a post on this later). Monkey happiness...not. But they're cute.

Uh...I was going for sentimental, but Justin was going for "ahhh get me out of this ridiculous rabbit costume". Seriously I think I was dreaming about it all being over. We all wanted a break by the end of the semester.

Angel the Rabbit-digging for some lunch before her performance.

Something about the way it's written...makes all the difference in "the" sign. love it.

Sometimes you just want to wear your sunglasses ALL day long, even when you sleep. Nicky did.

I didn't realize the calendar dude had a cig in his mouth until the end of the semester. oops.

Another random comment from Jeffrey's dad. I like the use of the word "flaunted"...yes...flaunted.

Ummm awkward friend-hug-struggle kind of moment?

Got to line up your shoes before you enter music class. A little scary how straight they're placed...and placed by the children no less.

My screen saver. Jeffrey and Sophia lovin their snack time...ah the Good times!