May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Open House 2009

We (the Lion Class) have been practicing a little over a month for our Mother's Day Open House! It has been crrrrrrrrrazy for all of us, but the kids did an emaculate job and we're just all happy it's over. You don't know how many bribes and treats and blah I had to give to get them to keep going...poor things. But the parents want to hear them speak...without help...and so we practiced on and on.

Our Program:

1. Yoga introduction by kids and Chinese Teacher
2. Teachers Welcome the Parents
3. Children Welcome the Parents with the song "I Love the Mountains" with actions
4. Phonics Review and game
5. High Frequency Word Review, Brief discussion about parts of a tree (roots, trunk, branch, leaf, cherry, tree)
6. Group Conversation...Each child uses High Frequency words in sentences connected to the tree discussion
(i.e. Can you see it? What do you see? What is it? It looks big. It looks little. I see the....(tree).
7. Bathroom Break/ Set up for the play
8. Perform "The Three Bears Medley" ....I was inspired to create something that the kids were familiar with and would give each one an equal opportunity to speak! You gotta watch out for those parents.
9. Sing the song "Celebrate love" with actions then perform a memorized speech with actions

"Good morning everybody. Thank you for being here today. My name is ____________. This is my mom and I love her. I think my mom is (smart and beautiful) I nominated my mom for the most 'smart and beautiful' mom award. I love you mom. Please come to the front to receive your award!"....Yes, they said that.

10.Traditional red bean soup ceremony. The children feed their moms soup to symbolize their gratitude for nourishing them.

*Celebrate that it's all over!

And now...some pics

Practicing our play, "The Three Bear's Medley"

A mix of "The Three Bears, The Three Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood"!

Get a dinosaur card for doing a good job! (The kids are totally into these cards right now).

Make some colorful lantern decorations.

Make a sign that you think will totally rock

Create a speech telling everyone what you think of your mom

Give the speech...

with actions

in front of everyone's mom

then invite them to come to the front to receive their award

Ask the parents what they liked most about the MOther's Day PRogram....the Play!

Meanwhile break into your moms award candy while listening to the boring parent comments

...and then partake in a traditional ceremony

The children fed their moms red bean soup as a symbol of giving back to the one who has nourished and cared for them

Act like you're getting your picture taken for a magazine

or simply let your grandma feed you instead

celebrate that it's all over with a little bit of chocolate cake!

Happy Mother's DAy!