August 17, 2008

Lan Tan D.C.

Lan Tan Lake is just a walk down the street.

The Lake is our main water resource so you never see anyone on it or in least I haven't. These were taken in January so the water level has gone down a bit in these pics.

A little map of the lake and there is a little man_made hole behind it. Actually it's suppose to be a little cave, but it's cool. I just really liked the colors in the middle of nowhere!

Some mosaic murals, but you can't really tell. Oh well, check out the greens.

They just put in these new lights across the dam. The whole area around the lake has parks and foothills. I can't really describe the beauty and adventure that lies around the lake...a little Swiss Family Robinsonish.... The lake is also next to a University and it has some beautiful buildings as well!

A regular sight!

Heading home.

My buildings are on the left.

A little roadside breakfast place I pass on my way to the lake.

Hang a left before you pass this part of the street and you can find my building. However, you can see the corner store (L) that provides me with drinking water and on the other end (R) is a "Family Mart" convenient store that provides other...convenient things.

Pass 3 buildings that look just like this until you come to the 4th one on the left and you've got the right place. My place.

10F-11, NO. 183


Heather Aleece said...

Wow, so fun to see where you are. I didn't know where you were. What brought you here?? Whats your story?

Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

love the pics of where you are! Makes me want to um... get out a little more. lol

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Funky lights!!! I think that girl on a scooter is YOU!!!!