November 30, 2008

Star Party 2008

"Want to camping?", they asked.
"It is mmmm... I don't know how say...He Wan SaN...3 tall mountain in Taiwan."
"Cool! Let's go!"
So you take a bus with a bunch of kids, parents, and their teachers just 3 hours north and hit 14.

He Huan ShAN

Shan (Mountain). Third tallest Mountain in Taiwan

Unload from the bus and walk to your campsite.

Ummm that's cool. What is that?

Yup it's a greenhouse type dealio. It's also where you'll be sleeping for the night.

Alrighty then...let's set up camp. cha

The Greenhouse in effect...

Camping is good in this hood...

Ms. Chen and her daughter Debby (my neighbors/Landlord). We're tight.

Our camping neighbors.

Star Party 2008

There were so many amazingly huge telescopes&things....people with their laptops and high tech stuff....

But honestly, the best view of the stars could be seen from this homemade telescope....from Lan Tan Elementary School. I lined up at least 3 times to see the stars from this one.

Lan Tan Elementary group

Star Party peeps waiting, hoping, wishing for their lucky number to be called out for an awesome prize....

This was my lucky number (san-jiu-qi). Not.

Ah well this girl was lucky in love...

okay I know the picture should be about the moment...and for me the moment was about...that ring. check out the ring...hilair. Although the night before there was another engagement and the dude set up a slide show showing them at the star party since 2005 and then there were fireworks! What the engagment! It was sweet enough to make one shed a tear or two.

Alas I was lucky to see such beauty...


Heather Aleece said...

Wow, it's beautiful there! Lots of people at the star party huh. Cool telescopes!

I am going tonight to look at the sky. I will think of you.

Amanda said...

That looks so cool. I love that the whole school went. How fun! What a great community to be a part of. I loved the engagement story. That is so sweet.

Charie said...

I like your camping...cha

You crack me up!

Email to follow soon!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Holy camping tents of fury! In a green house none the less--interesting!!!! Ms.Chen could be your sis! I love that you bring me the world I will probably never see!LOVE YOU__When are your feet back in US soil?
BTW- hardy is getting her x-mas letters together and wants the sisters addresses-can you send me yours? my email is (dont; forget the r between the first and last name)

Kathryn said...

Beautiful! Camping in Taiwain...what an adventure! Can you please post a picture of you so that I can see you beautiful, smiling face?

Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

love it-cha (totally forgot that you say that, I miss it!). Your pics, as always, are awesome!!