December 07, 2008

Sun Bei Bei & Church...

This is Sun Bei Bei. He joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints almost 70 years ago and is still so passionate about the gospel. He inspires.

My favorite things about Sun Bei Bei
1. His shuffle walk.
2. He knows where Samoa is and has a buddy from there.
3. He always has fiber crackers, chips, chocolate, nuts, or some kind of treat in his black bag for you.
3. He insists you eat it and will say, "Come on, don't be shy".
4. He will be speaking in Chinese during testimony meeting and will suddenly switch over to English and bust out in Song.
5. He will sing the WHOLE SONG...NOT just ONE verse.

Today he sang, "Silent NIght" and his version of "radiant beam from heaven's star" a classic.

Amongst other things...Today- I was late to church...shoot sometimes you're late. So I hung out in the library looking for some lesson materials...then Sun Bei Bei walked in with his mini raido with earphones in hand. Then he asked me to open the windows (so his little radio could get some reception), and he gave me the other half of his earphones to listen to...Billy Grahm.

I held the radio close to the sunlit window in one hand and an earphone up to my ear in the other while he sat in his chair and I on the footstool. Sometimes you hang out in the library with your favorite grandpa, next to the sunlit window, listening to Billy Grahm...ahhh the adventures. I love Sun Bei Bei and you would too...wish you could just simply meet him.

Treats in a bag

Going in for the never know if it will be fiber crackers or chocolate.

Ahhh good. Today it's chocolate.

"Come on, don't be shy it."


Charlotte King said...

I love hearing about the fun older people at Church.

Heather Aleece said...

You are adorable in how you see people. It's like you take experience with a huge breath, soaking it in. People are lucky lucky to know you and be a part of you!

People are fortunate to be a part of your adventures.

Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

Awww! I love Sun Bei Bei already, I love cute old people, makes me miss Thelma!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

This reminds me so much of being a missionary. Can I squeeze him?! Don;t be shy..
I can jsut envision you jammin to Billy Graham in the church library! ha ha ha ha i LOVE IT!

Kawehi said...

Awww man can I come to church wif you?!! He is soooo adorable.. I want to be like him! Minus the singing part.. he can do the singing instead. I love people like him.. thanks for sharing him wif us! I love you! I love Christmas too.. I'm just not as good with words as you are.. you are always so eloquent and poetic. I say all that with "I love Christmas" but I mean what you say! hehehe. By the way, I felt the exact same about that Christmas concert with Sissel.. i felt like I was in heaven.. it was sooo beautiful! And I love that album and played it during Christmas.. and ALSO.. I LOVE THAT MARIAH CAREY ALBUM too! I still listen to it when it's not Christmas! HAHAHA