October 30, 2008

I Drew a Line

Today I had that day dream feeling...when you're ready to sleep only you're outside in a huge open field minus the snakes and other harmful things...and you're stretched out comfortably as you look at the stars feeling happy to just BE...there. And if I were in a video and the background music was Coldplay's Yellow the camera would zoom away from my face as it's turning slowly in circles and then it opens up to me being this tiny speck in a moonlit sky and its light reflects off of everything it touches. Somehow it's as if I have become part of the stars.

Okay, but the funny part is when he sings, "I drew a line, I drew a line for you...." I thought he said, "A truer lie, a truer lie for you..." or something like that. And I thought how could there be a true lie, better yet a truer lie? Ah the things you make up for the lyrics you don't know, but think you know. I could still be off on the right lines. Nevertheless it was always fun to belt out using those exact words. Ahhhh to dream.


Roxanne said...

This post made me laugh. I do this all the time but Phoenix is even worse. He loves music and learns all the words to most songs we listen to. When we try and correct him on misunderstood lyrics he gets mad and insists they are they way he hears them.

Thanks for all your great comments on my blog. We love you and are so glad to be in contact.

Heather Aleece said...

I am listening to Falling Slowly now. Ohh goosebumps. I think I will put it on my ipod.

When I was 4 my mom and dad listened to Def Leapered...ya I know. That song "don't shoot shot gun". I honestly thought the lyrics were "don't shoot Shopko" we drove by shopko on our way home from Logan and I guess looking at the window at the store all the time...

You post reminded me of when I was in Twin Falls last fall. I would ride outside of town away from the lights and sounds, to the desert. I would listen to my soul songs and lay on the hood of my car under the moon. The moon looks HUGE on flat Plateaus. Sometimes cry, and think, and ask.
You are so beautiful!!

Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

ha, I love singing lyrics wrong, well, I guess I have to love it, when I'm caught doing it.

kk Leilani said...

You have a great memory. I am laughing at the "don't shoot shopko" with the visual to go with it! hilair. I have a shopko jingle in my head from Christmas...way back when..."Shopko..helps you make mooooooooooooooore of the Magic!" okay cheese, but you'll have to hear it in person. an all time fave. loved your comment and hearing about the moon on huge plateaus...especially the moments that went with it. Love you!

McOmberFam said...

You've been tagged martin! Check out my blog and follow directions. Love love love yoU!!