October 21, 2008

Porter Jackson (PJ)

Little Porter had to hit the NICU when he first arrived. My little bro, Dan, said he wasn't too worried, but than he's always been pretty optomistic.

Here's PJ's grams (yup the Martin grams). She is laughing so hard right now. This is the best kind of laugh anyone in the Martin fam could ever witness...it's contagious b/c it's usually about the most random things! Porter is so cutie here.

Porter posing for an announcement pic. He looks good in...orange!

My folks were watching him this day. What a bundle of baby cute face_lovin_ cuteness_ all wrapped up in blue_all bunched up and surrounded by colors and cars cute or maybe they're trains cute. I love you cute face. I can't wait to meet you. Welcome to the family and thank you for blessing us with excitement, happiness, love, and fun adventures together ahead! Next year can't come soon enough!

All pics courtesy of my dad and Dan. Much Love!


Kathryn said...

So cute...I know they miss you so much! So do I. When are you coming home? Hope you are still loving it. Can't beleive how fast our neices and nephews grow up!
Love you!

Charie said...

COngrats! What a blessing from heaven!

Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

Aww! He is adorable! Congrats!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Ahhh it is fun to see your family from the states once again! There is your kinetic kathy momma!!! and what a sweet sweet liittle man. I LOVE new babies