October 21, 2008

Ysella {Ee-SeLL-uH} Leilani

Ysella Leilani Sneddon
LEiLaNi: Flower from Heaven

LauginG Flower from HeaveN

Jubie, James, and Ysella

Jubie: origin comes from The mixing of her parents names. Her parents grew up in the PHilippines and came to California before they began a family.

Jubie was one of the first people I ever met during my first year at college (BYU-HI). We were headed to a freshman orientation ha ha...and as I stepped out of my door so did she. We practically linked arms and walked to the auditorum together and have never seemed to stop linking arms.

We've linked arms through night walks on the beach, at high tide, tripping over couples making out while trying to find a bon fire. We've linked arms on our way to way fun dances....when the Hawaiian locals are there....it's not the same! We've linked arms walking across campus and got to meet President Hinckley on his guarded golf cart. We got to shake his hand and feel of his faithful loving Spirit. We've linked arms at the Oakland Temple...shoot...I was on my mission and she just happened to be outside the doors when I came out....just in time. Jubie stopped at the airport before I headed home from CA. so we could link arms again! We also linked arms in the Oregon Temple when she and James were trying to decide if they should have another baby. That day....was one of solemnity and peace and silenced the fears of the unknown...and a few years later we have only begun to be blessed by heaven sent baby Ysella Leilani....For forever. For Eternity.

WE are linked for eternity. Fa'a fetai Lava for blessing so many of us with your love, friendship, and sister Love. Love you sis!

Proud brother Kainoa (aka Kai). Ysella looks so much like he did when he was a babe. They're lucky...they got their mama's lips!

Cute face Kai, baby Ysella, and Grandpa Rieta. Love you gramps. Jubie's dad had a little mechanical shop somewhere in the hills of Hayward and he put a pic of me and Jubie up (it was of us at the Oakland Temple hee hee) and he never took it down....It is such a simple thing as this that makes me feel alive, loved, happy, and grateful.

Uh...I don't know....some father/son, eating/bonding time or something. It's cute.

Makeo (aka Mac) gettin in some one on one time with Ysella. He's in love.

Some Grandma Rieta lovin.

Sweet dreams baby Ysellal Leilani. Love you.

All pictures courtesy of Mom Jubie via emaiL...Much Love! Love them ALL! I have yet to meet my Little Name Sake. Can't wait.


Heather Aleece said...

I love when you post because it is usually a lot. And your writing is so creative and sincerely honest.

I love to see your family and friends or sista. I don't know anyone your way except you. Good stuff.

Charie said...

So good to see JUBIE!!! What a beautiful babe!

Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

Aw! I seriously teared up there.

I so remember Jubie when we stayed there to see Thelma go through the temple. Her parents were so awesome, laid out a feast for us and all. And Jubie, what a fun girl. I am so happy for her and her cute little family!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Who would not name their babe after you!!! What a chunk of LoVE!!!