October 21, 2008

What?! My Nieces...First Date

One day I got an email from my little niece, Savannah.

S: "I'm doing pretty good...i went on my first date on my birthday! the kid that took me was Chris Olsen he is a senior but a young one so he is only 17 but he is the nicest kid ever! It was me and him and two other couples. We went to Los Hermano's it was fun he told them that it was my birthday and so they made me wear this big Sombrero it was so funny! but it was way way fun i loved it..."

kk: Tell me more about this dude....

S: he is a way fun kid. anyways about the...

kk: (in my mind) ...ha ha...girl you are too funny. Not real into anyone_ Always a cool thing especially as a teen.

Later Savannah emailed me all these pics and wrote:

"hey hey hey im glad you liked them! ya my friends are alot of fun i love um i have a couple kids i think are cute but no boyfriend which i think is fun and better :) ha ha anyways. well i'm going to have to keep this one short and sweet cause i've got MUCHO homework :( haha but i can't wait till you get home i love talking to you it releaves all my stress and lets me get away from hard times for a little. counting down the days till you get home!!!!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 ///::: Savannah

PS the weather has been pretty hot till about yesterday it started raining ad you can feel the fall breeze coming in. haha but see ya"

Savannah....and a kid named Chris.

I think this is so funny...Chloe is in awe of her older sister and Savannah is just like...dude what's up...or maybe it's more like..uhh are you serious?

Savannah is on the Left in turqouise.

Hey...strike a pose.

Ah the things girls do for fun...

Love you girlfriend!!!!!!! Thanks for sending me all the fun pics! And keeping me updated on all the good times. Don't forget to write down more of grams sayings for that "precious moments" shirt we're going to...create!
Love, me


Heather Aleece said...

She is too cute!!! I remember back in the day with my girly friends doing fun things like that. Now my grown sisters and I still have fun in that way.

Brad & Lindsey: said...

I love your comments on pictures. you are so thoughtful and clever. I just love how your brain works. My favorite is of Chloe in awe of her sister. you make me smile and laugh. thanks for updating

Charie said...

No way!!! I remember seeing pictures of your niece on the mission and as you have talked about her since I have had it in my mind that she is the same litle girl. That blew my mind. WHat a gorgeous girl!

Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

She is just beautiful, what a happy cute girl she is!