April 06, 2009

OASIS_Live FoRever

Friday April 3, 2009!

Waiting for the band

checking for any technical difficulties with the binoculars

A close up


Noel Gallagher (song writer/brother of lead singer) singing Talk Tonight. Love.

Liam Gallagher singing Champagne Supernova. It's what I came for. The first time I ever heard it was on the highway in Hawaii.

OASIS_Live Forever

OASIS faves: Champagne Supernova, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Whatever, Don't Look Back in Anger, Don't Go Away, Talk Tonight, Wonderwall, The importance of Being Idle, Stand By Me, Live Forever....


The Sorensen Bunch said...

I can only imagine how much FUN you were to go with. I KNOW you were swinging your partner around on a country road to the music!

Heather Aleece said...

Ummm...a picture of your FACE...?

Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

Looks like fun!! :)

yeadave said...

Kath! I love you...like real love. You are the best. I love that you've been in Asia for so long. And I love you...again. I've been in Europe for the past 6 weeks with my graduate program. I have an internship in Brazil over the summer so I'm kinda in the same boat girl. Wish I could see you sometime. let me know when you come back. You should come visit me in Arizona next year. Deal?