July 18, 2008

Dude It's MY BLOG!

Dude It's mY BloG!
Let the tales of Laughter,
LoVe, HilariousNess, Adventure
and out Pourings to the Heavens above...

...flow like the waters of the Earth.
Let contrast in each word create beauty
with everything it touches.
Let not the numbness of life
capture your soul.
Awake in the thickness
of wonderment...

In everything you go through
Believe in the
Existance of Your Spirit!
LoVe, Laugh, Play, be Free and


1 comment:

yeadave said...

Dude I found your blog! Hey Kath, I like your words sista! I will be visiting this blog on a regular basis so keep it fresh. And, hell yes you can use my email about Laem Pom village. It was written to be shared. You are my favorite person...did I ever tell you that? glad you're doing good in Asia.